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Iranian Hospital promotes mutual cooperation and collaboration between the general medicine and psychiatric units to offer patients the best care possible. Services cover all psychiatric and psychological subspecialties, including:

  • Mental health care for adults, children and adolescents
  • Geriatric Psychiatry
  • Psychology / Psychological Tests including Personality and IQ
  • Alcohol Addiction

The Department strives to provide a modern and comprehensive range of techniques for the assessment, care and treatment of psychiatric patients.
The department provides services such as Relaxation therapy, Biofeedback technique, behavior psychotherapy, psychometric assessment, marital counselling, child guidance and behavioral modification for autism, ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities and conduct disorders.
Since patient privacy and confidentiality is our top priority, we follow restrict privacy and confidentiality principles to provide our services to our patients.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit:

Parents who have concerns about their child's behavior, mental abilities, social skills or academic achievements can visit our subspecialist child and adolescent psychiatrist for help with the assessment and treatment of the child. Operating mostly as an outpatient clinic, but with an inpatient facility if required, the patients room could be choose one of private VIP suites to put the child at ease, allay any fears and most importantly make them feel comfortable before starting their treatment.

The necessary care for the child is provided in a multi-disciplinary fashion and the Unit has good communication with other organizations and departments that serve children in the community. The Unit accepts referrals from various sources such as public and private hospitals, school clinics and primary health care facilities.

Geriatric Psychiatry Services:

Treating patients in their twilight years, the Geriatric Psychiatry Unit specializes in conditions related to ageing problems such as cognitive deterioration, memory impairment, behavioral disturbances developing in later age of life, as well as all psychiatric disorders related to common age-related conditions like dementia. Most of the treatment administered in this unit is through the Outpatient Clinic, however the unit has available separate male and female medical and VIP ward, where short term patients who are showing signs of disturbance or acute symptoms and require stabilization, can be admitted.

Liaison Psychiatry Unit:

The Liaison Psychiatry Unit is the bridge between all medical care specialties and psychiatry services at Iranian Hospital. The Unit helps in diagnosing, treating and following up on inpatients, suffering from psychological issues, based at other medical services. After the patients are discharged, they continue their psychiatric treatment within our psychiatric inpatient or outpatient units.


Dr. Sholeh Toobaei
Specialist Psychiatry
Dr. Emad Sanaei
Specialist Psychiatry