Diamond Accreditation
Diamond Accreditation

The Road to Quality Accreditation

Since 1958, Accreditation Canada has been committed to improve quality and safety in healthcare services through accreditation. In keeping with this mandate, Accreditation Canada introduced a new accreditation program called Qmentum in 2008.

So in congruence with the Dubai Health Authority rules and regulation for joining the quality programs and being  PLATINUM certified with one of the International Accreditation institutes we started our journey in quality improvement in 2008 under cooperation with Accreditation Canada International and achieved our goals in the first level of accreditation in 2010 which led us to Gold award by having a continuous performance evaluation and monitoring.

We are always benefiting from learning culture and experience best practices which secures our workplace from traditional trial and error methods. After being successful in the first cycle we implemented 2nd Qumentum Cycle in 2010 for a duration of 3 years which is in continuation of our quality improvement journey to accomplish high quality health care services and Excellency in patient care.

We believe that our ability to deliver the best health care is made possible through the team of highly trained, dedicated and committed professionals within our medical, nursing and clinical services here at the Iranian Hospital which has been leaded to a higher level of quality in healthcare services in 2013 to our patients by achieving Accreditation Canada International’s (ACI) title of accredited with Platinum level. Although this is a tough job and needs more attention and group work, we don’t give up and try our best to achieve the next level which is a Diamond award for the third cycle of accreditation concluding on Late 2016.

Levels of Accreditation

Qmentum International has three levels of accreditation. The organization’s level is decided based on its performance at the time of the accreditation on-site survey:

  • Gold: addresses basic structures and processes linked to the fundamental elements of safety and quality improvement.
  • Platinum: builds on the elements of quality and safety, and emphasizes key elements of client-centered care, creating consistency in the delivery of services through standardized processes, and involving clients and staff in decision making.
  • Diamond: focuses on the achievement of quality by monitoring outcomes, using evidence and best practice to improve services, and benchmarking with peer organizations to drive system-level improvements.