Iranian Hospital Dubai
Iranian Hospital Dubai

  A peace of mind for your wellness with  

Health Card of Iranian Hospital


The United Arab Emirates is a fast-paced country in development of the wellness being, it is one of the leading top country with the most service demand on health care in GCC region.

Iranian Hospital Dubai aims to touch the home of every family in UAE and the rest of the world. Today, we introduce you to a new view of your health and life-style wellness in a way that has never been possible before.


  Our Health Card is your gateway to achieve your health assurance 


What documents is required to apply the Health Card?

Any Identity document like Emirates ID / Passport is accepted.


How much discount do we receive with this Health Card?

The health card can give you a 20% discount on your hospital OPD bill for the next 12 months. 


How much is annual subscription for the Health Card?

You only need to avail the card for the amount of 300 AED.


What benefit do I receive from this Health Card?

  • You will receive an immediate discount before making a payment for your consultation, laboratory tests like blood tests, breathing tests; you are also entitled get a discount with your radiology X-ray, MRI, Ultrasonography tests and many more!
  • Our In-Patient procedures and IP hospital bills are also eligible to take advantage of the 20% discount with the help our health card just right after 30 days of the activation date.


Why does Iranian Hospital provide Health Card for patients?

The main objective why Iranian Hospital Dubai has an opportunity for every member of your family to avail the HEALTH CARD that can instantly give you a 20% discount for your OPD and IP is because we want each individual a peace of mind, for your wellness being is our primary care.


Important note: Device, cosmetic and external are excluded from the discount.