medical tourism
medical tourism
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Each year, over 14 million people worldwide are travelling for healthcare purposes. Dubai, as the fourth most visited city in the world, envisages making healthcare part of the lifestyle experience with an impressive range of premier accredited clinics and hospitals and over 35,000 healthcare professionals from 110 nationalities providing a warm reception to patients in their own language.

In alignment with the vision of Dubai Health authority (DHA) to position Dubai as a globally recognized destination for elective health and wellness treatments, the Iranian Hospital aspires to become one of the leading contributors in the medical tourism industry in the UAE. We pledge to offer our customers the best medical and healthcare services with the highest level of transparency and quality.

Iranian Hospital offers comprehensive healthcare packages for international patients through the Global Health Care services. Our dedicated professionals will take care of all aspects- right from helping to plan the package to ensure their treatment period here is comfortable and hassle–free. This journey starts with a simple email contact with our Global Health Care unit.

Special Services offered by the Global Health Care Department includes:


Comprehensive Health Packages:

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