World Diabetes Day in Iranian Hospital - November 14th , 2015

World Diabetes Day in Iranian Hospital

Iranian Hospital-Dubai held "World Diabetes Day" Celebration on November 14, 2015 from 09.00am to 02.00pm.

A range of different services such as checking blood pressure and blood sugar, as well as patient BMI scores, were provided for about 250 clients, by doctors and healthcare professionals at Iranian Hospital on “World Diabetes Day” for diabetes screening and risk assessment.

After checking the HBA1C of high risk persons (about 45 persons), they were referred to “Diabetes Clinic” for free clinical consultation, and Nutritional Counselling.

In addition, “Iranian Hospital Diabetes Clinic” in association with “Eli Lily company”, held educational session for them. At the end of class, training packages and a free Glucometer were distributed among the participants.

This program helped participants to promote their awareness, education and prevention of diabetes and to understand if they are at risk and how to defeat and manage diabetes.

World Diabetes Day
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