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Dr Khalil Zarrabi
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Cardiac Surgery
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Cardiovascular Surgery
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-Surgical management of post-MI ventricular septal rupture,1st international symposium of acute coronary syndrome(ACS),June 2016,Tabriz-IRAN

Research Projects:
− Solidification of hydatid cyst to easy its removal from Solid Organ (SUMS 1995)
− Augmentation of leaflets approximation in aortic valve in sufficiency in pediatric age groups (Rajaee Heart Center, 1999)
− Bridging of coronary artery lesions as a novel technique (SUMS 2001) − Effect of CBP on Vascular endothelial function in patient undergoing cardiac surgery (SUMS 2012)

Publication (Book):
− Queries in the background of Shiraz Medical School (Faramarz Ismaeil-Beigi Appreciation Letter). Mohammad Hossein Azizi, Khalil Zarrabi, Ali Ronaghi. 1st ed., Mirmah Publication, 2012.
1994 - 1997
Shahid Rajaee Heart Center, Tehran
Board Of Subspecialty In Cardiovascular Surgery
1986 - 1990
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences, Shiraz
Board Of Specialty In General Surgery
1977 - 1986
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences, Shiraz
General Practitioner
2000 -
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences, Shiraz
Associate Professor Of Cardiovascular Surgery
1997 - 1999
Shahid Rajaee Heart Center, Tehran
Assistant Professor In Cardiac Surgery