Dr. Hamidreza Foroutan

Hamidreza Foroutan
Specialist Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Hamidreza Foroutan can help you with ...
Pediatric Consideration chronic constipation & Treatment
Pediatric urology disease
Pediatric Hypospadias & Undescended testes
Neonatal Surgical Disease
Infantile Biliary atresia
Cleft palate and Cleft Lip
Pediatric Abdominal Benign & Malignant Tumors
Congenital Lung Cysts and Lesion
General pediatric surgeon operating neonate and children for their congenital problems such as esophageal atresia, ileal atresia, imperforate anus and anorectal malformation, diaphragmatic hernia, Hirschsprung disease ( single stage transanal pull through) laparoscopic operation, liver and renal tumors, hypospadias, VUR, UPJ, exstrophy of bladder, biliary atresia. Treating patients with ambiguous genitalia, Also head of fetal intervention team in Shiraz university.
1991 - 1994
Shiraz University, Shiraz
Pediatric Surgery
1986 - 1990
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences, Shiraz
1979 - 1986
Faculty Of Medicine, Shiraz
Medicine Surgery
1990 - 2013
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences,
Consultant Pediatric Surgeon
2013 -
Iranian Hospital, Dubai
Pediatric Surgeon