Dr. Gholamreza Samimi

Dr. Gholamreza Samimi
General Practitioner
General Practitioner
Dr. Gholamreza Samimi can help you with ...
upper respiratory infection
Dr Samimi has several years experience to cover the following duties and responsibilities:

✔ General Practitioner of outpatient clinic & Emergency department

✔ BLS, ACLS, PHTLS (Pre- Hospital Trauma Life Support)

✔ Head of Revenue Cycle Management
- Preparing monthly statement and follow up for collection based on agreed payment cut-off period
- Denial management by physician education in terms of clinical documentation and tough negotiations with all business partners closing yearly book
- Assessing the patient workflow and rectify the flow if necessary in order to increase patient satisfaction rates, registration process, and Preauthorization waiting time
- Decrease claim submission waiting period to improve whole revenue cycles and monitoring resubmission process based on cut –off submission and resubmission period of contractual agreement
- Account reconciliations on a quarterly basis with all Business partners
- Developing e claims and e prescription and e authorization software modules through close communication with IT dept.

✔ Head of Insurance Department
- Head of Contracting Dept. and managing more than 50 contracts with contractual partners
- Head of Front desk Dept. including Patient registration and Preauthorization Dept.
- Managing Claim processing, including submission and resubmission for more than 30,000 claims monthly basis with a team of 25 staff
- Meeting and Communicating with all partners within this period

✔ Head of Marketing Department
- Preparing a comprehensive marketing Plan
- Managing the team to execute the plan through several communication method (Online Media, Newspaper, email , …) in order to business development
- Attending scheduled meeting and try to have one on one meeting with all clients
- Tracking the performance by preparing monthly report and dashboards
1990 - 1997
Islamic Azad University , Tehran
1997 - 1999
Department Of Health Of Disabled People Foundation, Iran
General Practitioner
1997 - 1998
Sadr Hospital, Iran
General Practitioner
1998 - 2000
Kowsar Medical Center, Iran
General Practitioner
2000 - 2006
Private Clinic, Iran
General Practitioner
2006 - 2011
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
General Physician In Emergency And Outpatient Clinic
2011 - 2016
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
Head Of Insurance Department (Rcm Manager) And General Physician In Outpatient Clinic
2016 - 2020
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
Insurance Account Manager And General Physician In Vip Clinic
2020 - 2021
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
Head Of Insurance Department
2021 - 2022
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
Insurance Account Manager
2022 -
Iranian Hospital Dubai,
Head Of Insurance Department (Rcm Manager)