Dr. Behzad Enayati

Dr Behzad Enayati
Specialist in Orthopedics & Specialist Hand Surgery
Orthopedic Clinic
Dr. Behzad Enayati can help you with ...
Orthopedic trauma surgery
Traumatic Hand
Nerve and Tendon Repair
Wrist Arthroscopy
hip arthroplasty
Clinical Expertise:

* Treatment of fractures of upper and lower limbs in adult and children
* Treatment of hip fractures and arthroplasty of hip
* Complicated fractures and dislocations of wrist fingers elbow and shoulder
* Treatment of nonunion, malunion, deformities of upper and lower limbs
* Microscopic repair of nerves injuries, nerve transfer and nerve graft
* Tendon repair, tendon transfer (upper and lower limb)
* Treatment of compression neuropathy (carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel,…)
* Treatment of tendinopathy (tennis elbow, dequervain, trigger finger and …)
* Treatment of rotator cuff injury biceps tendon injury and shoulder instability
* Treatment of soft tissue injury of upper limb with flaps and grafts and z plasty
* Treatment of stiff elbow and stiff finger
* Treatment of congenital anomaly of hand
* Treatment of soft tissue and bone tumors of hand
* Treatment of ligament injury of upper extremity
* Treatment of patient with osteoarthritis and joint replacement of upper limb (fingers CMC elbow shoulder hip)
* Wrist Arthroscpy

Iranian Society for Surgery of the hand (ISSH)
2008 - 2012
University Of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Orthopedic Residency
2018 - 2020
University Of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Clinical Hand Surgery And Microsurgery Fellowship
2022 -
Iranian Hospital, Dubai
Specialist Orthopedic And Hand Surgeon
2018 - 2022
University Hospital, Iran
Orthopedic And Hand Surgeon
2012 - 2018
University Hospital, Iran
Orthopedic Surgeon