Saturday - Thursday: 8:00 am-2:00 pm, 5:00 pm-9:00 pm
Friday: Closed

Goals & Objectives:

Diagnostic imaging department of Iranian Red Crescent Hospital plans to provide the best practices in diagnostic services towards excellence in diagnostic imaging and is designed to promote hope and humanity in healthcare services based on the needs of the patients and in accordance with hospital’s Mission, Vision ,and Values with special consideration to function as a charity hospital affiliated to Red Crescent Society of Islamic Republic of Iran.

The services are considered to be truly accessible for every patient at any age regardless of gender, color, nation and cultural, economic, educational or religious background or the source of payment for care,at the highest level of possible performance to attain trust of the patients and the medical professionals as a primary goal.

Equipment Inventory:


  • Closed MRI 1.5 T GE
  • Open MRI 0.4 T Talent UIH

CT scan:

  • 64 Slice GE


  • Two Siemens DR (Digital Radiography)
  • Shimadzu Digital Radiography
  • Shimadzu Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Digital OPG & Cephalometry with 3D Dental Scan -Carestream


  • Dedicated new Digital Fuji Mammography
  • Dexa Bone Densitometry GE
  • Ultrasound – There are 6 diagnostic ultrasound machines including:
    • Two Samsung V8
    • Two Voluson 730 GE
    • One Logic 7 GE
    • One logic E8 GE machine

Scope of Care:

Spectrum of available diagnostic modalities provides performance of all kinds of conventional X-rays, Fluoroscopy, Mammography, CT scanning, MRI studies , Ultrasound studies (including portable bedside ones), DEXA scan bone densitometry, OPG /Cephalometry & 3D Dental scans in addition to urgent or elective portable bedside ultrasound and mobile X-ray services.

The secretaries have minimum ability of speaking at least 4 languages (Farsi, Arabic, English and Urdu) to provide patient’s need & satisfaction.

There are 5 different in-department ultrasound machines with different capabilities with general convex, surface linear soft tissue specific and intra-vaginal probes in addition to a portable one to offer various diagnostic ultrasound requirements including all kinds of Doppler studies.

A 64 Multi-slice helical CT scanner is used for coronary/cardiac and all kind of highly sophisticated angiographic procedures in addition to all sort of routine daily CT scan studies.

More specific applications such as CT Cisternography following intra-thecal injection are also covered.

A 16 Multi-slice CT scan machine is also kept as back up for the service days or down periods of the main 64 Slice CT machine.

There are two DR Siemens and one Shimadzu state of the art digital radiography machines in addition to a high end technology Shimadzu Digital Fluoroscopy to provide the best diagnostic quality with the least X-ray exposure and to decrease the repeat/rejection ratio of diagnostic exposures.

Department has obtained a new generation of digital OPG & Cephalometry with ability of 3D Dental Scanning for the accurate preoperative planning for dental implants.

A Planmeca analogue mammography is currently available which would be replaced with a dedicated digital Fuji equipment in March 2015.

The department has equipped with both a 0.4 T Open and a 1.5 T Closed MRI systems for the ease of patient tolerance and to provide highest diagnostic accuracy.

Fluoroscopic studies includes various procedures such as IVU, VCUG, retrograde urethrography , retrograde cholangiography, PTC,OCG with all series of GI barium assisted studies including barium swallow, meal ,transit and enema in addition to various kinds of perianal or other kinds of fistulography and more advanced types of Sialography or Arthrography.

Hysterosalpingography is carried out directly by the expert female radiologists.