Early Detection Breast Screening

Early Detection Breast Screening

Women can play an active role in beating breast cancer.

The objective of breast screening is to detect breast cancer early and women who have their breast cancers detected during breast screening have a higher chance of surviving breast cancer also a better chance of being able to preserve the breast.


On occasion, the area identified in clinical examination or imaging shows some features of concern. This may not necessarily be cancer but a biopsy may be needed to clarify the situation. Should a biopsy be requires, our breast surgeon, Dr Nita Zaji would evaluate the entire clinical scenario and offer the least invasive procedure which offers enough information. Minimally invasive biopsy techniques include fine needle aspiration biopsy, core needle biopsy.


pink treeNot all breast abnormalities require removal by surgery. Some need only monitoring with a repeat imaging or x-ray.
Some conditions may require forms of treatment like surgery. One of the major breast problems is breast cancer. For breast cancer the most common order treatment is surgery followed by chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then hormonal therapy in sequence. However, in larger cancers, it may be appropriate to do a biopsy, followed by chemotherapy, and then surgery and radiotherapy.

Whatever the sequence may be,Dr Nita’s objective is to provide the most effective treatment for each patient, always bearing in mind that she would like to give every woman with breast cancer a chance to preserve her natural breast as much as possible.
If the removal of the entire breast is what has been recommended for you, please feel free to consult Dr. Nita Zaji to see whether Breast Conservation Surgery (keeping the breast for the treatment of breast cancer) is appropriate and possible for you or not.
This approach has been shown to produce the best cosmetic results and lowest complication rates when compared with partial and total reconstruction of the breast using tissue taken from other parts of the body.
In her vast experience using these techniques, majority of breast cancers can undergo breast conservation surgery with reasonable cosmetic outcomes, avoiding deformity. Only a small minority require a mastectomy for surgical treatment of breast cancer.

Kindly note that as much as she would like to preserve the affected breast in all cases of breast cancer, there are some situations that due to extensive involvement of breast tissue by cancerous cells mastectomy (removal of the entire breast) is mandatory. However, even in those cases she can plan either expandable implants or normal body tissue to reconstruct the breast.

After Surgery

Postoperative period is not very painful and mild pain or discomfort that may occur occasionally, responds to painkillers easily. In most of the time patients stay in hospital for half a day or one day. The stitches usually are absorbable and in cosmetic way and no need to remove them.