International Safety Week in Iranian Hospital

International Safety Week in Iranian Hospital

Iranian Hospital joined in observing International Safety Week. It aims to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, boost social protection, and strengthen dialogue in work-related issues. Because of this Iranian Hospital designed a program that will make patients and staff familiarize how to be safe at work. It is a 7 days activity starting April 28, 2016 that will end May 5, 2016.

Here are the list of activity that Iranian Hospital Created:
• International Safety Opening Ceremony and Safety Culture – this was done last April 28, and talked about Safety Culture in work place.

• Communication Day – April 30, 2016 – it is about patient and family safety, and about proper data verification of patients. It includes awareness in using dangerous abbreviation by doctor in nurses in medication. On this day also, classes about proper handling of wound has been done in Operation Theater.

• Work life and Medical Equipment –May 01, 2016 – TO familiarize about medical equipment and physical environment that support the safe delivery of care and services.

• Medication Unit dosing – May 02, 2016 – it’s a method of the medication to reduce the risk of medication error.

• Risk assessment review policy May 03, 2016 – to identify safety risk inherent and client population

• Fire Drill – May 04, 2018 - A practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire. It is yearly observe in Iranian Hospital to reduce panic in case of fire.

• International Hygiene Day – May 5, 2016 – Save Lives, Clean your Hands! Improving hand hygiene practices in all surgical services through the continuum of care, from surgical wards to operating theatres, to outpatient surgical services, is the primary focus of this year’s 5 May campaign.

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