Saturday - Thursday: 8:00 am-2:00 pm, 5:00 pm-9:00 pm
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Audiology Department

The licensed audiologist at Iranian hospital provides a comprehensive assessment and management strategies for hearing impairments and hearing related balance disorders. Each patient is unique for us and we are dedicated to serve you with evidence based practice. Our services for adults and pedantic population include:

  • Pure Tone Audiometry: Subjective test to judge type and degree of hearing loss
  • Conditioned Audiometry: To find out the hearing abilities in children above 3 years
  • Behavioral Observational Audiometry: Checks the hearing abilities in neonatal and children by observing their responses to different sound stimulus
  • Speech Audiometry: To find out the speech reception and speech discrimination abilities
  • Tympanometry: Checks the middle ear functioning
  • Reflexometry: Objectively finds out the hearing thresholds, middle ear functioning, auditory nerve and facial nerve functions
  • Oto-acoustic Emissions: Assessing the functions of cochlea
  • Neonatal Hearing Screening: Screening your babies hearing abilities before you leave the nursery
  • Neuro-otological tests including ABR, MLR, LLR, P300
  • Special tests are done to differentially diagnose different disorders, they are SISI.TDT,ABLB,SPIN,RDT,ARLT
  • Tinnitus assessment
  • Pre-cochlear implant assessment

Audiology Rehabilitation department

In rehabilitation department at the audiology section, we provide individualized management strategies for hearing impairment, speech and language reception, balance disorders and tinnitus. The program includes:

  • Amplification devices: Providing digital hearing aids - CIC, ITC, ITE, BTE
  • Cochlear implant programming
  • Speech reading training
  • Ear protective devices to protect your ears from the hazardous sounds which can lead to hearing loss
  • Tinnitus re-training therapy: training to cope up with the problem
  • Ear moulds
  • Hearing aid batteries and services