A New Quality Of Life With Dental Implant

A New Quality Of Life With Dental Implant

Healthy teeth make life enjoyable, giving you a sense of well-being and general comfort .A beautiful smile enhances your appearance and can provide added confidence and presence.

A missing tooth just doesn’t feel right. It can be uncomfortable, make it difficult to chew and perhaps worst of all, hold you back from smiling. It’s important to replace that tooth.

Not only is it an aesthetic problem, it can lead to bone loss, changes in facial structure and drifting of the adjacent teeth.

You have a choice in tooth replacement: crown and bridge or dental implant. You’re probably very familiar with the bridge, but you may not know everything it entails. A dental implant is a strong alternative. It is the option that most closely resembles a natural tooth.

With all the facts, you can make the most informed decision about crown and bridge versus dental implant. Remember, this is a choice that will affect you every day. So choose what feels right for you.

Dr Safizade

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Bone preservation. Because the implant replaces the tooth root, it transmits chewing forces to the jaw, helping maintain the bone.
Natural look and feel. Besides looking natural, implants feel natural, so you can eat without worries.
Unaffected adjacent teeth. Unlike bridges, implants do not require the grinding down of neighboring teeth, so your remaining dental structure stays natural.

Bridge option

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A bridge is a frame on which two crowns and a false tooth are attached. Why are there three parts? This is because the two healthy teeth on either side of the gap must be ground down to anchor the bridge. The bridge covers the prepared teeth that are left after grinding. The false tooth, called a pontic, sits in the missing tooth’s space above the gum. But it does not replace the root of the missing tooth so bone loss can occur.

Bridges can be less expensive than dental implants in the short term. However, the life span of a bridge is typically less than that of an implant. Also, the adjacent teeth that were prepared can be more susceptible to future problems, like decay dental implant option .

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The first thing you notice about a dental implant is how closely it resembles your natural tooth. It replaces the entire missing tooth, including the root, without having to grind the adjacent teeth. Made of titanium or titanium zirconium, a dental implant is a replacement tooth root surgically inserted in the jaw. The implant and abutment work as a securable base for the final crown that will be your new tooth.

A dental implant is more expensive than a bridge, but it is designed to be a permanent solution. Because the implant replaces the tooth root, implant therapy can help minimize bone loss. In addition, the surrounding teeth are not affected and the look and feel is natural.

What possibilities do implants offers?

Implants as a solution when teeth are lost

  • Implants as a replacement for one or more teeth:                                                                                                             

                 d2                                                   d1
                                                     Replacement of a single tooth.

                 d3                                                    d4
                       Replacement of several teeth with an implant-borne bridge restoration.                        
              d6                                      d5                              
 Replacement of all the teeth with a none-removable bridge anchored on several implants.                                                           

Implants as a solution for denture anchorage

  • Implants can also be inserted to stabilize and anchor full dentures.

d7   Conventional adhesive full denture                                                                  

d8    A bar is screwed onto the implants which acts as a holder for the denture 

d9 The two implant-borne retentive anchors secure the denture to the jaw like snap fasteners

Who is a candidate for dental implants?

Virtually any adult with missing teeth may benefit from dental implants, as long as the jaw has stopped growing (which is why they are not appropriate for children) and there are no underlying medical risk factors.

What is the success rate of dental implants?

Success rates vary according to the system used. Long-term results have shown that Straumann implants have a 98.8% success rate after five years.

Will I need to go into the hospital for the procedure?

Most procedures do not require a hospital visit and can be performed in a dental -office.

Does the procedure hurt?

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia to minimize discomfort.