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Opening a New Era and a New Horizon on DNA Diagnostic and Cancer in Dubai (UAE)

Center for Human Safety & Health, and Diagnostic Genome Analysis


The main focus is to establish different medical DNA diagnostic and cancer research programs with the objectives of acting as the major player in the expanding arena of human safety and health, preventive medicine and improving the current status of cancer programs in Dubai (UAE), by generating a network of excellence, and implementing personalized medicine programs.

In order to achieve these objectives the following platforms are being assembled, as follows:

  1. To set up a DNA Diagnostic Medical Center
    For the first time in UAE, all molecular biology tests for DNA diagnostic can beperformed in this center in Dubai.
  2. To improve the detection limit for cancer
    1. Pre-cancers screening tests for monitoring of UAE national and residents
    2. Pre-screening tests for non-cancer human diseases for monitoring of UAE national and residents
    3. Post-cancer screening tests
    4. To implement personalized medicine for cancer and non-cancer patients
    5. The outcomes shall lead as well to accurately improve: the detection limit for rare disease diagnosis; carrier screening among population for different types of heritable diseases, including cancer (this will be followed by enetic counseling); pharmacogenomics; cancer therapy regimen and oncology care (molecular diagnostic / prognostics).
  3. To detect causes of cancer
    1. In order to achieve these objectives, updated and state of the art cytogenetic assays (including whole gnome analysis using chromosome painting) and DNA molecular biology assays (including next generation sequencing) will be introduced and implemented to access frequencies of spontaneously occurring as well as induced chromosomal alterations, by physical (such as radiation of different qualities) and chemical (such as pollutants and human hazardous in air, soil, water and food) agents, These studies can be complimented with analyzing whole genome (DNA, protein and enzymes). The outcomes shall lead to make Dubai and other cities in UAE healthiest place(s) to live in!
  4. To generate a Network of Medical Excellence in Dubai (UAE)
    To initiate joint collaborations with other prominents inside country, by organizing workshops, health & cancer awareness- as well as joint research- programs. These shall facilitate to generate a Network of excellence on preventive medicine and Cancer programs in Dubai (UAE).
  5. Potentials and Expected Outcomes:
    In the course of the established medical DNA diagnostic- and cancer research- programs, state of the art cytogenetic and DNA molecular biology assays are being used to perform at highest quality and accuracy DNA diagnostic and genomic analysis.
    The outcomes shall set up appropriate standards in:
    1. Generating a clean environment to live, by assessing causes of health-problems and cancer.
    2. Detecting biomarkers for cancer of different origins and inherited diseases. The outcomes consequently may lead to preventive medicine.
    3. Improving DNA diagnostic status
    4. Generating the preventive medicine program.
    5. Paving the way toward setting up personalized medicine.


The outcomes shall generate utmost health prosperities for the people living in Dubai (UAE), and lead to make Dubai a reference center on DNA diagnostic and Cancer programs.

Consequently, a huge sum of money that on a regular basis in the last so many years for medical cares is spent by the UAE national out of the UAE, can be saved.

Moreover, Dubai will become a center of reference for the rest of Arab world inhabitants for performing DNA diagnostic tests, and other medical cares in relation to preventive medicine and personalized cancer therapy regimen.


Dr. Saba Habibollah
Head of Center for Human Safety & Health and Diagnostic Genome Analysis, Clinical Scientist (Genetics), Genetic Counselling