Dr. Saeid Azizi

Saeid Azizi
Clinical Laboratory
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Clinical And Anatomical Laboratory Procedures
Dr. Saeid Azizi has an Iranian board certificate in clinical and anatomical pathology, completed a residency program at Shiraz University Medical Science, with more than 2 decades experience in Anatomical pathology in different fields:
• General pathology
• Neuropathology
• Dermatopathology
• Soft tissue pathology and Immunohistochemistry stain
• Bone Marrow studies
• Fine Needle Aspiration
• GYN and Non-GYN cytology
• Grossing Tissue Processing
• Microscopic evaluation and diagnosis.

In addition he was trained and has very good experience in the field of clinical pathology, including:
• Hematology
• Biochemistry
• Blood Bank
• Microbiology
• Serology
• Molecular (PCR tests)
• Fluid analysis as supervising test processing, interpretation, giving consultation to clinician
• Evaluation of quality controls and development of new procedure in the clinical Lab.


❖ House officer in Shiraz university medical science. During which I have a training course in Pediatric, Internal medicine, general surgery, Obstetric and Gynecology, Anesthesia, ENT,
❖ Ophthalmology, Urology, Neurosurgery, Dermatology, Psychiatry, Health science, Oncology and Hematology, Orthopedy and Emergency medicine, each for two to four months.
❖ Resident in pathology department of Shiraz University medical science from September 1997 to September 2001.
❖ During which I was responsible for the dealing with Gross specimens, Processing, Microscopic examination, reading Surgical pathology slides in different fields as General pathology,
❖ Neuropathology, Liver pathology, Dermatopathology, Autopsy, Bone and soft tissue, Molecular and Immunohistochemistry, taking the Fine needle Aspiration Cytology, for different tumors, microscopic evaluation of GYN and NonGYN cytology smears, taking Bone Marrow Aspiration, Biopsy (Hematopathology) and reading their smears and pathology slides.
❖ In addition, I trained in clinical pathology departments, including Hematology, coagulation,
❖ Blood Bank, Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Fluid analysis and Parasitology, as test processing, running, interpretation and quality control evaluation.


1. Participate in 22nd annual laboratory management and medicine congress (MEDLAB Congress 2023)
2. Attendance in head and extremity symposium, Iranian Hospital Dubai, 26 June 2023
3. Attendance in Gl and Liver disease symposium, 24-Jun-2022
4. Attendance in 4 the Emirates Thoracic society (ETS) scientific meeting in June 2022
5. Participate in international conference on immunoassay meeting December 11,2022
6. Participate in Lymphoma workshop, Sharjah University Hospital, November 2015
7. Participate in 27th annual meeting, Arab division of the international academy of pathology (IAP AD) and 2nd Emirates surgical pathology conference in November 2015
8. Participate in cytology workshop, Al Zahra hospital, Dubai July 2014
9. Organizing and development of liquid-based cytology, Iranian Hospital Dubai, August 2007
10. Organizing and development of genetic department and PCR, Iranian Hospital Dubai, April 2014
11. Participate in malaria conference, Rashid Hospital Dubai, sept 2010
12. Participate in IT workshop (power point and word), Iranian Hospital, Mav 2010
13. Participate in TB conference at Rashid Hospital Dubai, Feb Dubai 2010
14. Participate in review workshop on liquid-based pap smear, March 201.0
15. Attendance in 22nd congress of the international academy of pathology- Arab division, December 2010
16. 16-Participate in Thalassemia workshop by Emirate Hematology Association, February 2009
17. Participate in advanced scientific writing Iranian Hospital Dubai, January 2009
18. Participate in educational program held by accreditation Canada in Iranian Hospital Dubai, March 2009
19. Organizing standardization and accreditation process in laboratory department, Iranian Hospital Dubai, March 2009
20. Organizing clinical pathology conference in Iranian Hospital Dubai, UAE
21. Participate in Arab health meeting annually since 2007 till date.
22. Participate in scientific meetings and programs of Emirates pathology association regular since 2007 till date.
23. Organizing and development of immunohistochemistry staining in Pathology departments of Iranian Hospital Dubai, August 2007
24. Organizing and development of liquid-based cytology, Iranian Hospital Dubai, August 2007
25. Presenting rare and nice pathology cases in morning reports, Iranian Hospital Dubai since 2007


❖ Advance transfusion reaction and management to Hospital nurses and physicians, July 2019
❖ Breast pathology benign and malignant disease, breast cancer committee, Iranian Hospital Dubai Feb 2015
❖ ANA panel lecture to Iranian Hospital lab staff June 2013
❖ Body fluid lecture to Iranian Hospital lab staff December 2012
❖ Blood bank lecture to Iranian Hospital lab staff March 2010
❖ Hematology (WBC, BC and platelets disorders) lectures to Iranian Hospital lab technicians April 2010
❖ Microbiology and parasitology lectures to Iranian Hospital lab technicians may 2010
❖ Canadian Accreditation lab staff training on standardization policies and procedures writing October 2009
❖ Head of laboratory education programme, Iranian Hospital 2009 till date
❖ Clinical lab lectures to biomedical engineering students of Ajman University 2007-2009
❖ Quality control lectures to lab technicians November 2008
❖ Clinical laboratory lectures to dentistry students of Ajman university 2007-2008
❖ Hematology courses to lab technicians Feb-April 2007
❖ Medical undergraduates 2nd and 3rd, academic year, lectures on practical, surgical pathology lab courses-shiraz university medical science 1998-1999

❖ Member of the medical council, IRAN
❖ Member of Anatomical and clinical pathology society, IRAN
❖ Member of Emirates medical association Emirates pathology society
❖ Member of morbidity and mortality committee, Iranian Hospital Dubai
❖ Head of Canadian and ISO IS 189 accreditation, Iranian Hospital Dubai
❖ Head of clinical and Anatomical pathology, Iranian Hospital Dubai


2022: Blood donation to Iranian Hospital nurses and physicians
2021: Blood bank management presentation to Iranian Hospital physicians and nurses
2020: Transfusion reactions, educational presentation to nurses and physicians
2019: Sideroblastic anemia, case presentation, Iranian Hospital Dubai
2019: Laboratory errors-Iranian Hospital
2018: Whipple disease, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2017: Glomerulonephritis, Iranian Hospital, case presentation
2016: Gastrointestinal pathology, Iranian Hospital Dubai (March 12th) chief of international ME conference presented by Professor Marco Ricardo Novelli (imperial cancer research fund, UK and Dr. Adrian C Bateman from university hospital Southampton NHS foundation first, UK.
2016: Rosai Dorfman disease, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2015: Kikuchi disease, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2015: Hirsch sprung disease, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2015: Ewing sarcoma, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2015: Pneumocystic carinii, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2015: Acquired Hemophilia, case presentation, Iranian Hospital
2014: Multiple Myeloma, case presentation
2014: Carcinoid Tumor, case presentation
2013: Filariasis, case presentation
2013: Aspergillosis as facial mass, case presentation
2013: Kidney Tumor, case presentation
2013: Histiocytosis X as mastoid lesion, case presentation
2013: Lichen plans, case presentation2012: Tumor markers, Iranian Hospital
2011: Nocardiosis, case presentation
2010: Leiomyosarcoma, case presentation
2009: Testis tumor (Rhabdomyosarcoma), case presentation
2009: Hemolysis, Iranian Hospital
2009: Bleeding tendency, Iranian Hospital
2008: Laboratory quality control, Iranian Hospital
2008: Hypercoagulopathy, Iranian Hospital
2009: Transfusion reaction, Iranian Hospital
2007: Hematology lectures (WBC, Hb, Platelet disorders, Blood Bank and coagulopathy), Iranian Hospital, Dubai
2001: Accuracy of FNA in Bone lesion, Thesis presentation, Shiraz University
1999: Sezary Sx, Shiraz University of medica science
1998: Brain Tumor, pathology department of Shiraz University
1997: Traumatic vascular injury of CNS, Shiraz University of medical science
1996 - 2001
Shiraz University Of Medical Sciences, Iran
Clinical And Anatomical Pathology
2003 -
Iranian Hospital, Dubai
Head Of Clinical And Anatomical Laboratory Department