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Circumcision is a simple procedure that removes the skin –covering the tip of the penis. Since the skin traps bacteria and other infectious agents, as well as accumulating malodorous smegma, its removal improves genital hygiene and reduces risk of diseases and other conditions over the lifetime for the boy and his future sexual partners.

Benefits of circumcision

• Eliminates the risk of phimosis. This condition refers to a tight skin that cannot be pulled back fully, so making cleaning under it, and passing urine, difficult. Phimosis increases risk of penile cancer and is the cause of catheter problems in nursing homes.
• Reduces the risk of inflammation and infection of the skin of the penis.
• Decrease in risk of urinary tract infection.. This very painful condition is particularly dangerous in infancy. sometimes develop kidney inflammation and disease; sepsis and meningitis can also result.
• Decrease in risk of invasive penile cancer.
• Uncircumcised men have elevated risk of prostate cancer.
• Reduces the risk of getting HIV (AIDS), during sex with an infected woman.
• Circumcision halves the risk of thrush as well as sexually transmitted infections such as high-risk papilloma (wart) virus, syphilis, trichomonas, chancroid, mycoplasma and reduces genital herpes risk by one-third.
• Circumcision may reduce the risk of the man’s female partner being infected by chlamydia or getting cervical cancer (which is caused by high-risk human papillomavirus).
• Sexual function, sensation and satisfaction are the same or better in circumcised men.

Risks of circumcision

• a little bleeding –infection that will require antibiotics (1 in 4000). Although there can be a local infection, often what seems like a local infection is actually part of the normal healing process.
• Serious complications (requiring hospitalization) are rare – approximately 1 in 5000.
• Mutilation or loss of the penis, and death, are virtually unheard of with circumcisions performed by a competent medical practitioner. Ensure your doctor is experienced.

. For pain after the anaesthetic wears off, an oral analgesic medication is often prescribed.

• Delay often means stitches being used for circumcision of older children, teenagers and men.
• So if circumcision is delayed past 4 months, total cost will become increasingly greater. A successful circumcision is extremely unlikely to have any long-term adverse consequences and cosmetic outcome is generally excellent.

Thus, benefits exceed minor risks by over a hundred to one!

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