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2. Can I know the visiting hours of the hospital?

Hospital visiting hours for all general and specialized ward and areas (except ICU,CCU, VIP, “Operation Theater” OT) are from 10 am until 9 pm.

1- Visiting hours are 10-12 and 17-20
2 - May visit 15 minutes out of every hour.
3 - Children under 14 years of age, special visit permission required.

Visiting hours are not limited at VIP wards but the above- mentioned general
patient safety issues apply to those wards too. In-charge nurse of VIP ward can ask
visitors leave if indicated at any time or can ask for identification of visitors specially
for overnight stay.

OT (Operation Theater):
Visiting at OT is not allowed at any time, unless the written permission of the
hospital director in special occasions.

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