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Message by the Director General

Dear Visitors
Welcome to the web presence of the Iranian Hospital and thank you for your interest. The Iranian Hospital-Dubai (IHD) is governed by the Red Crescent Society of the Islamic Republic of Iran and is considered to be one of the pioneer health care providers initiated in the Emirate of Dubai since the formation of the Union in the year 1971.

With a successful history of Healthcare services spanning several decades, this Hospital has been providing its services not only to the local’s, but also for expatriates of more than 180 nationalities.
At IHD, we have committed ourselves to a shared set of values that are binding on all our employees which, in turn, has enabled us to provide services of highly qualified , much experienced Doctors and Professors in most of the medical fields, thereby putting our Hospital the first choice for you. 
This dedication and expertise has allowed us to earn the ACI’s (Accreditation Canada International) International Healthcare Platinum Certificate Of Excellence. The Iranian Hospital has also launched VIP clinics, Global Healthcare Services and unique follow-up Health System which will provide you with an up to date and accurate diagnostic & treatment plan, thereby reducing the waiting time.

Thank you for your confidence and future support of the Iranian Hospital which, I believe, truly reflects the dedication that we have earned by providing the best hospitality, medical treatment and facilities. If necessary, we can also co-ordinate with our associate Hospitals in various cities of Iran for any medical requirements that may be needed. We look forward to the next decade and move onwards with quiet confidence and optimism.



Director General

dr farshad 150x150Personal Information:

Name: Dr Asghar Farshad

Date of Birth: 1954

Place of Birth:Esfahan – Iran


  • General Surgeon –Shahid Beheshti Medical University,   Tehran –Iran, in 1991
  • General Physician – Shahid Beheshti Medical University,  Tehran –Iran, in 1987

Academic and Scientific Achievements:

  • Member of Medical Academic board of Shahid Sadoughi Medical University, Yazd – Iran, for 2 years
  • Member of Medical Academic board of Shahed Medical University Tehran – Iran, till date
  • Director of Economic Health Group in Shahed Medical University, Tehran – Iran, for 4 years

Directorship and Managerial Experience:

  1. Director of Health Authority of Yazd Province –Iran- Yazd,  for 2 years
  2. Director General of  Shahid Mostafa Khomeini Hospital, Tehran –Iran, for 3 years
  3. Vice Chancellor and Administrative and Financial Assistant of Shahid Beheshti  Medical University, Tehran –Iran, for 3 years
  4. Deputy “Human Resource Development and Support”  in  Ministry of Health and Medical Educationfor 2 years
  5. Ministry of Health and Medical Education Counselor, Tehran–Iran, for 8 years
  6. Member of Board of Directors and Administrative and Financial Assistant of Medical Insurance Organization, Tehran-Iran, for 2 years
  7. Director General of Iranian Red Crescent Medical Centers in United Arab Emirates, for 2 years
  8. Chairman of the Board  and Director of “Atiehsazan  Hafiz” Insurance Company, Tehran-Iran, for 2 years
  9. Director General of Iranian Red Crescent Medical Centers in United Arab Emirates, Nov 2013 till today
  10. Editor-in-Chief of Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, Nov 2013 till today

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